Dynamic separation for quality musts

Also known technically as «discontinuous flotation units», they are used to separate the lees rapidly from the must after pressing. Thanks to a delicate injection of nitrogen, the impurities are dragged towards the top and compacted: clarification times are drastically reduced, there is no need for cold storage of the musts, and the quantity of lees decreases. The nitrogen micro-bubble injection system does not affect the aroma of the wine, avoiding any stripping phenomena.

  • Avoids the need to cool musts, with a considerable saving of energy
  • More free-run juice, less lees (1\3 less than with static settling)
  • Reduction in clarification times and costs
  • No stripping, aromatically intact wines
  • Adaptable to every tank, requiring no installation
  • No further filtration
  • Rapid clarification (< 2 hours)
Our nitrogen clarifiers already pay for themselves over the course of the first vintage.