Wine 03 LQ, spaces and work tools sanitized using a single machine

Enomeccanica Bosio presents the brand-new Wine 03 LQ, a multi-purpose, flexible, easy-to-use ozonated water sanitizer. Thanks to the ozone solution present in the water, Wine 03 LQ can sanitize and disinfect any type of surface (barrels, barriques, steel tanks, floors, pipes, bottling lines) effectively eliminating viruses and bacteria in an intuitive way.

Thanks to the integrated vaporization technology, it is also possible to use Wine 03 LQ to sanitize indoor spaces such as tasting rooms, barrel rooms, bars, kitchens, wine cellars and offices. Just place the machine in the desired location and, once set, let it work automatically.
The ozonated water does not produce any chemical residues and no rinsing is required

  • A single machine to sanitize tools, surfaces and workspaces
  • Easy to use
  • Starts immediately
  • 4.0 solution (PLC programming, remote management, downloadable data history)
  • Does not produce chemical residues
  • No rinsing
  • Highly effective disinfectant against viruses and bacteria