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Every wine is fruit of the earth and of the handiwork of man. If the earth has an absolute value, that value can be impoverished or enhanced in the winery.



We are always happy to have you test machines prior to purchase in order to build up a wealth of data and information which helps us improve their performance



Good technology is a product of ingenuity and state-of-the-art materials. The former is innate, while the latter are down to precise decisions on quality.




We design and deliver machinery that helps winemakers enhance their work and save time and money, with a particular focus on processing, dosing and sanitization. We are leaders in the construction of automatic fermenters with uniform dosage sprayers, must nanofiltration and osmosis technology, micro- and macro-oxygenation systems, clarification, in-line dosage and ceramic membrane crossflow filters.

Enomeccanica Bosio is specialized in winemaking



How we can help you?

  • We engineer the part of the winemaking process that takes place between crushing and bottling
  • We improve the efficiency of winery operations without debasing the raw material
  • We replace manual operations wherever possible, increasing precision and reducing work time
  • • We supply the tools required for complete and reliable control of the main winery operations
We help improve the efficiency, precision and monitoring of the technological processes in the winery, while fully respecting the raw material. Finesse, attention to detail, technology tailored to the type of wine and style of vinification, craftsmanship in the production process. Enomeccanica Bosio does not just make wine machinery. It makes machines for wine, catering to its uniqueness.  


Born and bred amidst barrels, talking constantly with the most expert winemakers. Enomeccanica Bosio has forged its history in the winery itself, pioneering technological solutions which have marked the very evolution of the sector: the first to design uniform dosage sprayers for the cap of skins; the first to build delicate rotary fermenters for fine wines; the first to introduce osmosis into the processing of must; and the first for ceramic crossflow filters.

It is by engaging directly with the world of wine that we have learnt how to turn problems into solutions, needs into strengths. With a sole objective: the most important technology has to impact on work, not on the wine.



In the winery, technological efficiency means maximum yields, lower costs and shorter processing times.

Above-all, it means unconditional respect for the cellar’s most precious resource: the grapes.
Enomeccanica Bosio designs every machine starting from the wine, not technology. We build solutions capable of engineering the handiwork of the cellarman, always bearing in mind that we are dealing with as delicate a raw material as wine with expressions and evolution that are at the heart of its very value.