Preserving the intrinsic quality of a wine and its natural capacity for expression through the judicious use of technology: this is Enomeccanica Bosio’s goal.


How we can help you?

  • We engineer the part of the winemaking process that takes place between crushing and bottling
  • We improve the efficiency of winery operations without debasing the raw material
  • We replace manual operations wherever possible, increasing precision and reducing work time
  • • We supply the tools required for complete and reliable control of the main winery operations
We help improve the efficiency, precision and monitoring of the technological processes in the winery, while fully respecting the raw material. Finesse, attention to detail, technology tailored to the type of wine and style of vinification, craftsmanship in the production process. Enomeccanica Bosio does not just make wine machinery. It makes machines for wine, catering to its uniqueness.